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As Scanteak moves towards improved processes for your convenience, please note that application forms will no longer be required for entering our Membership Programme. Making a first deposit of minimum S$1000 or S$7000 at any Scanteak showroom entitles you to be automatically included into the Scanteak Privilege Membership Programme, whereupon you will be able to enjoy the following benefits in addition to seasonal members-only promotions:



A customer, who places a minimum down payment of S $1,000 for a single sales order at SCANTEAK, is entitled to be a Basic Privilege Member.


  • 5% discount on regular-priced items.*
  • $25 discount on Saturday deliveries (usual: S$85)^



A customer who places a minimum down payment of S$7,000 for a single sales order is entitled to be a Premium Privilege Member.


  • 15% discount on regular-priced items.*
  • $25 discount on Saturday deliveries (usual: S$85)^ 


* Regular-priced items exclude items from the Scanteak Select range, the Designer Collections (holm and Prologue), and items which have already had prices reduced (Star Buys, Advertised items, etc.). Membership discounts may not be combined with any ongoing in-store discounts.
^ Delivery discounts are only applicable to the 2nd delivery onwards. Usual rates apply for the first purchase.

Please provide a valid NRIC/FIN number when making your purchase, as this will serve as your Membership number. Do note that allowing another person to make a purchase under your NRIC/FIN number will cause your original information to be overwritten, and this may affect your eligibility to other member-exclusive services and/or privileges in future.

Updates, privileges, upcoming/current promotions and other matters relating to Membership will be communicated via emails only. If you no longer wish to receive such emails, you may choose to unsubscribe via a link provided at the bottom of each email. This however does not apply to important information pertaining to your purchase/sales order, such as emails containing invoices and/or order confirmations.



  • To qualify to be a SCANTEAK Privilege Member, in addition to fulfilling the minimum deposit/down payment amount on a single order, customers must also provide a valid NRIC/FIN number. As membership identification is based on NRIC/FIN numbers, a valid identification card (reflecting your NRIC/FIN ID) must be produced as proof of Membership for any redemption or Membership discounts. (Only one membership account can be issued per application per person, regardless of the amount spent.) 
  • All SCANTEAK Members must be residents in Singapore and be at least 21 years old and/or above on the date of application. The SCANTEAK Privilege Membership is non-transferable.
  • To receive or redeem membership gifts/promotions, a Basic/Premium Privilege Member must be present. Failure to do so will disqualify a customer from enjoying Member privileges. Please be advised that expired memberships are not eligible for any redemption of Membership benefits.
  • All memberships have a validity of 2 calendar years; HOTS reserves the right to terminate a customer's membership upon its expiry, without any prior notification.



The SCANTEAK Privilege membership is issued by and remains the property of House of Teak (Singapore) PTE LTD, thereafter known as HOTS. HOTS reserves the right, on reasonable grounds, to accept or decline a membership application, to alter and amend any conditions of the SCANTEAK Basic and Premium Privilege Membership program, and to withdraw or cancel any membership without any prior notice.

Reasonable grounds include any abuse or attempted abuse of the SCANTEAK Membership program, use or attempted use of a SCANTEAK Membership privilege in a manner which is contrary to the terms and conditions, and any reasonable grounds of suspicion of dishonesty on the part of a Member in connection with the program.

A Member is responsible for informing SCANTEAK/HOTS either in person or in writing, when there is a change of personal particulars.



  • As of March 2017, The SCANTEAK Privilege membership has been restructured, making it easier for customers to enjoy membership benefits.
  • As of end-November 2013, the Card-based membership system has been discontinued. Memberships are now assigned to each customer's NRIC number. To enjoy your privileges, simply present your NRIC/FIN ID card to our Lifestyle Consultant, who will verify your Membership validity on our database.